Required Clinical Supervision for LCPC Licensure

  • The LPC License is not required to become a LCPC.
  • During your hours of experience you need regular clinical experience.
  • Your clinical supervisor needs to be:
    • LCPC
    • LCSW
    • Psychologist
    • Psychiatrist
  • Rule "The supervisor shall have met with the applicant at least one hour each week.  The supervision means the review of counseling and case management.
  • The experience shall have been evaluated by the supervisor as satisfactory or better."
  • Rule Acceptable modes for supervision of direct client contact are as follows:
    Individual supervision: the supervisory session is conducted by an approved supervisor with one or two counselors  present.
    Group supervision: the supervisory session is conducted by an approved supervisor with no more than 5 counselors present.
  • Supervision does not need to be live.
    Rule Live face to face supervision does not include mail, email, telefax or phone.
  • Rule A qualified supervisor may be provided at the applicant's place of work or may be hired by the applicant to provide supervision. 

List of Supervisors
Supervision Log Blank Template
Supervision Log Example

Required Experience

  • All experience post counseling masters degree will be counted.
  • The start date is determined by when you complete all course work including internships not the date the degree is conferred.
  • Volunteer experience can be counted if you have a LPC license during the volunteer experience. Rule
  • You must earn the experience in no less than 2 years.
  • You can earn the experience in any number of years just not less than two.
  • There is no outer limit of years.
  • You can earn the experience at one location or any number of locations.
  • Rule One year of experience shall be a maximum of 1680 clock hours obtained in not less than 48 weeks, including 960 clock hours of direct face to face service to clients.  Part time experience shall be counted toward the experience requirement.
  • Total experience required:
    • 3,360 hours of clinical experience total
    • 1,920 hours of face to face clinical services