b)         Any individual who applies for a clinical professional counselor license after January 1, 2008 shall meet the educational requirements set forth in Section 1375.145(a).

 1)         Individuals applying for licensure as a clinical professional counselor may submit one of the following certifications (based on examination), in lieu of the documents required in subsection (a)(1):

 A)        Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRC);

 B)        Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselors Certification (CCMHC);

 2)         An applicant submitting one of the certifications listed in this subsection (b) will not be required to take and pass an additional examination administered by the Division.  The Division, upon recommendation of the Professional Counselor Licensing and Disciplinary Board (Board), has determined that the education and examination requirements are equivalent to the requirements for licensure as a clinical professional counselor.  The Division, upon recommendation of the Board, has determined that individuals who received their CRC certification after January 1992 have been determined to meet the education and examination requirements.  Individuals who received a CRC certificate before 1992 will be required to submit an official transcript pursuant to Section 1375.145 in order to evaluate educational requirements.  All applicants holding a current CRC certificate shall submit proof of experience.