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Illinois Proposed State Legislation and Rules

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   2023 Proposed Legislation    
 Changes requirements for trainings
for license renewal
  Psychologist continuing education
Requires 3 CEs in Ethics and 3 CEs in Diversity of the 24 hours required. CEs are not required to be earned in person.
  Amends the Telehealth Act. Provides that a health care professional may treat a patient located in another state if the patient is a student attending an out-of-state institution of higher education but is otherwise a resident in the State when not attending the institution of higher education.
Passed committee

  • Social Workers legislation: including requiring 6 CEs in Clinical supervision for clinical supervisors, an alternative exam for LCSW proposed– 2 years supervised experience by LCSW or if not available other professionals (LCPC)
passed committee
   Health Care Worker and convictions
passed committee

  Patient right to receive care from a medical professional who is culturally sensitive to a patient's life experiences 
  Emergency Health Care Licenses for out of state licensed health care professional in a disaster

Cultural Competency training required for
all health care professionals. 5 hours - once.


passed committee

  Physical Therapy Act 
House Amendment #
   Health Care Professionals
testify Restraining Orders
 HB 3528
  Proposed Music therapists License Rules
$400 application fee / $300 renewal fee
40 CEs to renew
Illinois Register
Feb 3

  Psychologists Prescription Authority
removes exception for age under age 17 or over age 65
 SB 1586
HB 3019
  Temporary License -Counselor (OPPOSE)
 SB 136
   Illinois Register
IDFPR Projected schedule Rules
Counselor Rules - Date agency anticipates First Notice: May 2023
Illinois Register
Jan 20

  Behavior Analyst License Rules-New
Date agency anticipates First Notice: March 2023 
  Counselor Compact




  2022 Legislation
  CE Requirements

Counselor License Fees Comparison

Counselor Licensure
Licensure Law
Renews Counselor licensure law to 1/1/2028 

The significant changes being proposed are:
Extending the expiration date of the license to January 1, 2028
Allowing all clinical supervision required to become a LCPC
though live digital interaction (no longer required to be physically in person).
Licensure board volunteers: Replace 1 LPC with a LCPC, allow the public member to be a mental health professional.
Eliminate barriers to reinstate an expired or inactive license.

 Passed committee on House Consent Calendar
Counselor Licensure
Licensure Law
Renews Counselor licensure law to 1/1/2028

Placed on Calendar Order of 2nd Reading
Medicaid Rates

increases Medicaid rates for mental health intensive outpatient services for children-

 HB4387  House 2nd Reading
Second Chance State Behavioral Health Workforce Development Act. 

Institutions of higher education shall annually allow for the admission of at least one returning resident (a person who is a resident of and domiciled in Illinois, has graduated from high school or the equivalent, has been convicted of a felony by a specified court, was sentenced to incarceration pursuant to that conviction, and is no longer incarcerated) in an undergraduate or graduate academic program that will lead to the qualification of the returning resident as a behavioral health care professional. Provides that the returning resident shall not be required to pay any tuition, fee, or other charge for any class the returning resident takes if the State appropriates funds for reimbursement.

House 2nd Reading
   SW Telehealth
     HB 5465
 Music Therapy License  
Creates the Music Therapy Licensing and Practice Act.
Music therapist - 18 years old and Bach degree with
Clinical Supervision by LCPC, LCSW, Psychologist
Clinical Music Therapist - 21 years old and Masters Degree

CE requirement on Alzheimers Disease Education

Public Act 102-0993 Effective 5/27/22
Behavioral Analyst Health Care License

Treatment of autism spectrum disorder through applied behavior analysis shall be covered under the medical assistance program for children with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder when ordered by a behavior analyst licensed by IDFPR

Section added on requiring fingerprinting.

Public Act 102-0953
Effective 5/27/22
   DCFS Worker protection
Increases penalties for harming a worker / contractor
Senate 2nd Reading
Confidentiality Act
Amends the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act. Removes language permitting disclosure of a record or communication without consent to an advocate consulted by a therapist
SB3657 3rd Reading
Funds for Early Action on Campus Mental Health Act

Appropriates funds for the Early Action on Campus Mental Health Act (from 2019)  $19 million -in committee
The Illinois law The Mental Health Early Action on Campus Act is a broad mix of 11 requirements and goals to infuse mental health services throughout campuses and make sure staff outside the counseling center are trained to identify and respond to a student mental health concern.

Depression screening Grades 7-12

Appropriates funds for depression screening in grades 7-12
Appropriates $750,000 from the General Revenue Fund to the Mental Health Screening in Schools Grant Program Fund for depression screening programs to identify students in grades 7 through 12 who are at risk of depression. Effective July 1, 2022.

  Supreme Court Mental Health Task Force Leading Change
 School Counselor Rule on Standards

The new rule switches out the ASCA National Standards for the CACREP Standards.

 Illinois Register
12 17 2021
Pg 119-120

 Counselor Licensure Rule on Expired Licenses

Suspends certain requirements for restoration of an inactive or expired license of five years or less for professional counselors, social workers, and clinical psychologists.

Requirements for restoration of an inactive or expired license of
five years or less
are suspended: proof of meeting continuing education,
certification of active
practice in another jurisdiction,
and the payment of a fee.
Illinois Register
12 03 2021
Pg 231-233

Gov Executive Order 95
  Illinois Supreme Court Hearings
  Amends the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act. Requires mandated reporters to complete an initial implicit bias training within 3 months of their date of engagement in a professional or official capacity as a mandated reporter,
 Public Act 102-064
effective 8/27/2022

   IDFPR Rule Changes
IDFPR CEs Online

This replaces the previous temporary rule on online CEs.

CE credits may be earned for successful completion of a course (e.g., by mail, computer, pre-recorded online course/program, live online course/program, etc.) that is offered by an approved sponsor who meets the requirements set forth in subsection (c). Each course shall include an examination.

This rule change permanently allows all 30 CEs in a renewal period to be “not in person.” Effective Jan 28, 2021

  2020 Legislation
Graduation requirements changed
Numerous changes to the school code with new graduation requirements


 Health Care

Bill aimed at improving health outcomes for Black residents
by reforming the State’s health and human service system.

HB 5548 and HB3840

 Requires Teaching LGBTQ History
Provides that textbooks purchased with grant funds must be non-discriminatory. Provides that in public schools only, the teaching of history of the United States shall include a study of the roles and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of this country and this State. Effective July 1, 2020.
 HB0246  Signed into L:aw. Effective 7/1/20
Online Mental Health Database
Maintain an online database and resource page on its website. Provides that the page shall contain mental health resources specifically geared towards school counselors, parents, and teachers with the goal of connecting those people with mental health resources related to bullying and school shootings and encouraging information sharing among educational administrators, school security personnel, and school resource officers.
 HB907 Signed into Law. Effective 7/12/19
Mental Health Online Resource Database Directs the Department of Public Health to create and maintain an online database and resource page on its website containing mental health resources specifically geared towards school counselors, parents, and teachers with the goal of connecting those people with mental health resources related to bullying and school shootings and encouraging information sharing. HB0907 Signed into law Effective 7/12/19
Threat Assessment
Requires all school boards of school districts to develop threat assessment protocols and to create threat assessment teams. Provides that a school board shall create the threat assessment team within 30 days after the effective date of the amendatory Act and adopt an initial threat assessment protocol within 90 days after the effective date of the amendatory Act. Provides that a school district may share information concerning a clear and present danger with another school district HB1561
Sent to the Gov
Sessions for Adults under Guardianship
Until the consent of the adult's guardian has been obtained, counseling or psychotherapy provided to an adult under guardianship shall be limited to not more than 12 (rather than 5) sessions, a session lasting not more than 60 (rather than 45) minutes. HB2142
Signed into Law. Effective 7/12/19
 Parent present when School Police question student
Provides that a student may not be questioned or detained at a school site at which students are detained in connection with criminal charges or allegations, taken into custody, or engaged with law enforcement personnel without the presence of the student's parent or guardian, a school social worker, or a licensed mental health professional.
Signed into law Effective 8/23/19
Requires for HS graduation completion of the FAFSA or a waiver
Requires as a graduation requirment completion of the FAFSA or sign a waiver that they understand and are not competing it.
Signed into law. Effective 6/1/20
 Requires all post-secondary education options be discussed.
In assisting all students with a college or post-secondary education plan, a school counselor must include a discussion on all post-secondary education options, including 4-year colleges or universities, community colleges, and vocational schools.
 HB3652 Signed into law. Effective 8/9/19
 Suicide Prevention Office
Creates the Office of Suicide Prevention within the Department of Public Health
Signed into law. Effective 8/9/19 
Mental Health First Aid Training for School Personnel
Allows use of the Illinois Mental Health First Aid Training to satisfy training requirement.
Signed into law. Effective 8/9/19
 Eliminates required Basic Skills Test for educators
Eliminates the requirement to pass the basic skills test for educators.
 SB1952 Signed into law. Effective 8/7/19


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