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IMHCA / ICA and CICO (Coalition of Illinois Counselor Organizations) have been in constant contact with IDFPR during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We have advocated on behalf of counselors concerns about the need for changes in rules on licensure.

This type of support for your license is why you join your professional association. We advocate and keep you informed.

The IDFPR (Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation) has issued Emergency Rules concerning the earning of in-person CEs.

These rules are published in the Illinois Register on October 2, 2020. Per rules they are in effect for 150 days. Text begins on page 16230.

They state:

Reason for Emergency: The current COVID-19 pandemic has been preventing licensees from attending in-person continuing education (CE) programs. The purpose of this emergency amendment is to relax the in-person requirement to allow licensees to satisfy their CE requirements by participating in online CE courses.

A Complete Description of the Subiects and Issues Involved: The emergency amendment updates the continuing education requirements for professional counselors and clinical professional counselors by removing in-person requirements for CE. This change will allow licensees to earn CE credits through in-person and online programs.

 CE credits may be earned for successful completion of a correspondence-course (e.g., by mail, computer, pre-recorded online course program, live online course/program. etc.) that is offered by an approved sponsor who meets the requirements set forth in subsection (c). Each course shall include an examination."

(The 15 CE online maximum has been dropped for this renewal cycle)

 IDFPR has previously issued a waiver on the rule requiring LPCs to receive in-person clinical supervision to satisfy LCPC application licensure requirements. The current waiver expires December 31, 2020. We anticipate an additional waiver or other action based upon the current circumstances in December.

The Governor has continued to issue Executive Orders concerning Telehealth.

Do I still need 30 CEs? Yes

Can I earn all my CEs not in person? Yes

Can I earn some in person and some online? Yes

Do I need specific CEs?

  • LCPCs need 18 hours in how to provide clinical supervision, once in a lifetime before their first renewal requiring CEs.
  • All counselors need training in sexual harassment prevention. (ICA offers a webinar)
  • All counselors need training in child abuse prevention. (IMHCA offers a webinar)
  • Are counselors required to get Ethics CEs? No- Social Workers Yes, Psychologists Yes
  • ALL CEs must be from approved providers.

Emergency rules – Temporary rules that take effect immediately or up to 10 days after filing with the Secretary of State, but remain in effect for no more than 150 days. The IAPA allows use of emergency rulemaking when an agency determines that a "threat to the public interest, safety or welfare" requires rules to be adopted in less time than would be needed to complete proposed rulemaking. JCAR reviews emergency rules to insure that they meet these criteria. If an agency wants to maintain the policy established in the temporary emergency rule, a companion proposed rule must also be adopted. The companion proposed rulemaking should be adopted before the emergency rule expires. Agencies cannot file the same emergency rule more than once within a 24-month period, unless the General Assembly makes an exception to this limit and to the 150- day limit in statute. Statutes may also authorize agencies to use emergency rulemaking for specific purposes. "

As soon as we get an update our members will be the first to be informed.

P.S. For our MFT members, IDFPR has issues a similar emergency rule.

We will continue to keep you up to date on changes.

Please call us if you have questions.

Rachel Banick, Association Director

Dan Stasi, Executive Consultant

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