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1. Post Traumatic Success LIVE WEBINAR Friday - 3 CEs

  • March 05, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


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  Special Featured Annual Conference Presentation
Live from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Post Traumatic Success
3.0 CEs Available March 5, 2021 LIVE
Link to Webinar will be sent at the end of February.

Dr. Fredrike P. Bannink MDR is a clinical psychologist and a lawyer, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is an internationally recognized keynote speaker, trainer and author of 45 books. She is also a Mental Health Trainer for Doctors without Borders (MSF).

 Post Traumatic Success

Post Traumatic Success aims to help clients transform what happened to them to make them better instead of bitter. This approach combines the theory and practice of positive psychology and solution-focused brief therapy with traditional approaches. It veers away from a focus on pathology (what is wrong with clients and how to repair the worst) to a focus on what is right with them and how to create the best – that is, from posttraumatic stress to posttraumatic success.

Bannink’s model comprises the three R’s of posttraumatic success: Recovery, Resilience and enrichment (posttraumatic growth). Trauma therapists will learn what it takes to help survivors benefit more substantially from psychotherapy and how to support clients in developing longer-term resilience. They will learn how to increase their clients’ self-efficacy and self-esteem, and make psychotherapy shorter in time, more cost-effective, and more lighthearted for their clients and for themselves.

In this presentation Dr. Bannink will equip participants with practical direction for adopting a more positive approach and expanding their range of available techniques.

It is time to turn the tide on treating trauma by shifting the focus from reducing distress and merely surviving to building success and positively thriving.

 Bannink, F.P. (2014). Post Traumatic Success. Positive Psychology and Solution-Focused Strategies to Help Clients Survive & Thrive. New York: Norton. 

This book has so far been translated into Chinese and Dutch.

Prof. B.L. Fredrickson: “The best of positive psychology for those who need it most.”

 Bannink, F.P. (2015). 101 Solution-Focused Questions for Help with Trauma. New York:

Norton.  This book has so far been translated into Dutch and Estonian.                      

 Dr. Bannink presented for IMHCA in both 2017 & 2018. Her evaluations were exceptionally good.

-       I have learned (and remember) so much! I am very excited to put SFBT into practice with my clients. This may be life-changing. Also looking forward to reading and utilizing your books

-       Great training! Best speaker I have ever seen!

-       I wanted to thank you and tell you how much I appreciated your presentation. I learned so much and have taken away so much more than any other presentation I have been to. I wish there was more time in which I could spend with you one on one individually. Thank you!

Dr. Bannink’s training is one of if not the best training I have attended in my 20+ years in this field. She has a great sense of humor and I like her linear approach and thinking. She responded to questions from trainees in a positive way 


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