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ONLINE LIVE WEBINAR Addressing Ethics and Best Practices in Supervision for Counselors & Social Workers 6 CEs

  • March 23, 2021
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • 27


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Addressing Ethics and Best Practices
March 23, 2021
in Supervision for Counselors & Social Workers (6 CEs)


Meets Social Worker Ethics Training requirement

        Presenter: Dr. Toni Tollerud


This workshop will focus on professional ethics and best practices that are critical for counselors, social workers, and other professional therapists/clinicians who work in an agency, clinical or school setting as supervisors, or who receive supervision.  It is the responsibility of supervisors, and the art of supervision, to help ensure that professional therapists are effectively equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver competent and ethical services.  It also emphasizes the responsibility of the profession to protect the welfare of every client. 

Supervision is an integral part of training and continuing education for professionals. This workshop will review supervision best practices by updating the most current ethical standards, provide recent information, review policies and procedures, and highlight intentional interventions for supervisors. This will include ethical and legal concerns for planning the supervision sessions, building a strong supervisory relationship, assuring informed consent, documenting supervision sessions, and evaluating supervisee progress. A review of how the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced ethical behavior in supervision will be presented.

Opportunity to practice the skills through role play and scenarios will occur.  Handouts will be provided.

Objectives:  As a result of participating in the workshop, attendees will:

Learning Objectives:

As a result of participating in this workshop, professionals will:

  • 1.    Review and discuss ethical and legal standards as they relate to the profession organized around 6 best practice areas:

·       The content of supervision

·       Conduct of supervision

·       The supervisory relationship

·       Supervisor and supervisee responsibilities

·       Evaluation, remediation, endorsement, and documentation in supervision

·       The use of technology in supervision (and the impact of covid-19)

  • 2.    Review a model for ethical decision making and analyze its effectiveness
  • 3.    Differentiate between supervision and consultation

4.    Review the Illinois State rules for misconduct

5.    Consider the latest changes in Codes of Ethics for Social Workers and Counselors that directly impact the work of supervisors and supervision

  • 6.    Explore the elements of developing a sound contract or disclosure statement as a part of the supervisory relationship
  • 7.    Learn about and discuss recent legislation in the state that has ethical implications for clinicians in Illinois


CE certificates will be distributed at the conclusion of the workshop. CEs are awarded according to state regulations and are based upon clock hours of attendance. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from arriving at the start of the program or cause you to have to leave the program early. Please understand we can only award CEs based upon your attendance. CE certificates will be adjusted accordingly for those attendees arriving or leaving significantly early or late.

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