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Annual Conference Saturday Only - 6 CEs

  • March 05, 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Doubletree Skokie


  • Includes morning and afternoon workshops.
  • Includes morning and afternoon workshops.

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IMHCA Annual Conference
Saturday Only
Saturday - March 5, 2016
6 CEs/CEUs/PDs

It’s Never About What it’s About:  Getting to the Deeper Meaning of a Couple’s Conflicts.

9AM- 12PM Doubletree- Skokie

Presented By: Charles Hughes, MA, LCPC

You've been there. No matter how hard you work with a couple, every session is an argument.  As a therapist, you get exhausted. How can a couple get beyond the surface to the deeper issues that create their conflicts when those issues threaten to tear the relationship apart?

Couples force us to confront our own sense of helplessness and face our own relationship fears.  We don't always have the answer.

In this PowerPoint free workshop, we will explore the meaning behind the walls couples place between them. We will release ourselves from the burden of being the expert and find ways to be a fellow traveler in the couple's journey.

Helping Clients Cope With Loss
9AM- 12PM Doubletree- Skokie

Presented By: Carolyn Khan, MA, LCPC, CDVP

Dealing with grief and loss is something most clients have to deal with sometime in their lives. Losses that may lead to grief include the death or separation of a loved one, loss of a job, death, loss of a beloved pet, divorce, empty nester or retirement. The grief process is a natural response to the loss of someone or something important to an adult or child.  This hands on workshop will focus on the grief process; techniques that teach adults/children ways to cope with loss as well as the signs that a client is marooned in the grieving process. 

Treating the Symptoms of Complex Trauma in Adolescents
9AM-12PM Doubletree Skokie
Presented By: Second Stories Therapeutic Interventions

Adolescent survivors of complex trauma are a distinctive population requiring support above and beyond the average adolescent.  This training will assist participants in defining, identifying, and understanding complex trauma. Participants will be provided with concrete interventions for treating the symptoms of complex trauma in adolescents.

Applying Mindfulness-Based Strategies in the Community Mental Health Arena

1PM-4PM Doubletree- Skokie

Presented By: Kimberly Duris,


This workshop will discuss the basic tenets of mindfulness-based therapy.  The use of mindfulness-based approaches transcends many theoretical orientations, allowing for its accessibility in a variety of clinical settings.  Participants will learn the purpose of mindfulness in sessions with clients as well as the benefits of applying mindfulness approaches to oneself as a way of fully integrating these skills into one’s therapeutic style.  This will include a description of the background of mindfulness, its connection to the mental health field, and specific ways to implement the techniques with clients.  Appropriateness for various settings and clientele will be discussed, along with a review of the current theoretical orientations that utilize mindfulness.

Surrealistic State of Mind 1PM-4PM
Presented By: Brian Katz
  • The difficulties of reintegrating
  •  Veteran culture
  • Veteran sexual trauma
  • Pain management
  • The challenges of treating the veteran population

  • Insights from working for and working with veterans
  • Veteran resources
  • Veteran deployment issues
  • Grief
  • Survivor guilt
  • Addiction
  • PTSD
  • TBI   

Don’t Call Me Sweetie: Becoming a Culturally Competent Counselor in a Multicultural World
1PM-4PM Doubletree- Skokie
Presented By: Shanya Gray, MA, LCPC

As counselors we seek to improve the health of those with whom we work. This cannot be done unless we gain the skills needed to help individuals within their cultural contexts. According to Williams, 1997, “When we overlook culture or when we do not understand what is normal in the context of the culture, we can make harmful decisions. We limit our ability to engage families and communities and build on their strengths.”

This workshop will therefore seek to put you on the path to cultural competency. You will learn about the impact of culture on everyday living and experiences. You will gain an understanding of the attitudes, beliefs, skills and knowledge needed to work effectively with different cultures. You will also learn how to address barriers and obstacles that may come up in multicultural relationships as well as obtain practical next steps you can take away to enhance your competence skills.

Only full day registration allowed. You are then able to choose, at the conference, one workshop to attend in the morning and one workshop to attend in the afternoon of the 6 listed above.  Space in each workshop is not limited. You make your workshop choices at the conference.

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