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This is not a list of all legislation that affects mental health counselors in Illinois. Also, it may not directly affect every mental health counselor in Illinois. IMHCA may be able to help clarify issues regarding legislation, but consult an attorney if you have any legal questions.

Current Illinois State Legislation

 Topic: Short Description: Legislation Link: PDF of Just That Section: Effective Date:
 Firearm Concealed Carry Act  FOID law on LCPC mandated reporting for clients at risk. Clear and present danger definition.
 Public Act 098-0063  098-0063  
Confidentiality Act
Amends Confidentiality Act to Cover disclosures not made in a therapeutic relationship.
Public Act 99-0028
 099-0028 1/1/2016
 Student Safety
Requires colleges to allow students to designate someone to whom college can disclose the fact that the students is a clear danger.
Public Act 99-0278
 099-0278  1/1/2016
Health Care
Protects disclosure of sensitive health care services.
Public Act 99-0181
 LGBTQ Minors
Protects LGBTQ minors from "conversion therapy"
Public Act 99-0411
 099-0411  1/1/2016
 Opiod Treatment
Bill About Opiod Treatment. Am #1 greatly strengthens parity law.
Public Act 99-0480
 099-0480  9/9/2015
 School Support Personnel and Principal Endorsement Provides that 4 years of working in the capacity of school support personnel shall be counted towards a principal endorsement for a Professional Educator License.
Public Act 98-0917
 School Counselor Definition  Deletes existing provisions regarding school counseling to further define the role and services of school counselors in the school environment. Specifies school counselors are not the only ones able to provide these services nor are they limited to what is listed. Public Act 98-0918
 Bullying Prevention
Adds a definition of cyber-bullying to the School Code. Extends school action against cyber-bullying to include that which takes place off of school property, computers, or events if brought to them and is creating a disruption to the educational process.
Public Act 098-0801
 098-0801 8/1/2014
 Clarification and Definition of LCPCs  Amends the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code. Defines "clinical professional counselor". Public Act 098-0724
Restraint Authorization for LCPCs Adds LCPC as authorized to order restraints. The law already includes LCSW. Public Act 98-0137 Sec. 2-108
Concealed Carry Concealed carry law on mandated reporting of "danger to self or others" or "developmentally disabled."
Public Act 98-0063
Sec. 6-103.3
Concealed Carry Amendment requiring QMHPs to report.
Public Act 98-600 Sec. 8.1
Sex Offenders   Sex offender evaluation and treatment provider act. Illinois Register 2013 Sec. 1280
Facility Director  Amends definition of facility director to allow counselors to be designees. Public Act 97-0753 HB4037
State Grantee Reporting  Requires more reporting from state grantees. Prohibits grantees from charging clients for services funded by the state. Public Act 98-0047 HB0002
 Mental Health Confidentiality Concealed carry bill changes law concerning confidentiality of mental health records and reporting requirements.  Public Act 98-0063 HB0183
Mental Health Youth Protection
Provides that no mental health provider shall engage in sexual orientation change efforts with a person under the age of 18
Public Act 99-0411
 Client Records Must establish and maintain client records and case notes. Records must be maintained for at least 7 years. Administrative Code 1375.225 Sec. C-4
 Health Care Fraud Regulations
States that any IDFPR licensed worker who has been convicted of, or has entered a plea of guilty or nolo contendere, in a criminal prosecution to a criminal health care or criminal insurance fraud offense will have their license suspended immediately
Public Act 99-0211
 HB1359 1/1/2016
Mental Health First Aid Training Illinois Mental Health First Aid training program so that certified trainers can provide Illinois residents, professionals, and members of the public with training on how to identify mental health problems.  Public Act 98-0195 HB1538
 Teachers and Mental Health Requires middle and high school teachers to be trained to identify mental illnesses.   Public Act 98-0471 HB3070
Music Therapy
 Creates the Music Therapy Advisory Board Act that must report recommendations for the certification, training, curriculum and best practices of music therapists.
Public Act 99-0397
 Mental Health Police Response
 Provides that the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards shall create a standard curriculum for a certified training program in crisis intervention addressing specialized policing responses to people with mental illnesses.
 Public Act 99-0261
Clinical Psychologist Changes the definition of clinical psychologist.
 Public Act 98-0075 SB0062

 Insurance LCPCs aree a valid provider of mental health care that which insurance providers in Illinois must cover.
Public Act 96-0328 Sec. 370c
 Abuse and Neglect
 LPCs and LCPCs are reqiured to report a child they believe may be abused or neglected.
Public Act 98-0067
Sec. 4
 Threatening a Public Official Adds "human service provider" to the list of individuals included in the offense of "threatening a public official"
Public Act 98-529
Qualified Examiner
Adds LCPC to the list of qualified examiners.
Public Act 91-0536
Sec. 1-122

Ethics CEs
 Required for social workers and psychologists.
NOT required for counselors.
 Health Care Right of Conscience
 Declares that people and organizations hold different beliefs about whether certain health care services are morally acceptable and respects and protects the right of conscience of all persons.
 Public Act 99-0690
 ALL KIDS Update
Amends the Covering ALL KIDS Health Insurance Act. Changes the repeal date from July 1, 2016 to October 1, 2019.
Public Act  99-0518
 Child Bereavement Leave Act
Creates the Child Bereavement Leave Act and amends the State Finance Act. Provides that an employee may use specified amounts of bereavement leave to grieve the death of the employee's child, attend services, or make arrangements.
 Public Act 99-0703
 SB2613  07/29/2016
Illinois School Code 
Amends the School Code to allow for the employment of a School Social Worker and sets requirements for hiring.   HB826 HB826   8/25/2017
Sexual Harassment
Requires at least one hour of sexual harassment prevention training for professions licensed by the state that require continuing education.
Public Act 100-0762
Public Act 100-0762
Community Health 
Loan Repayment Program from mental health professionals working in under served areas
 Public Act 100-0862
Public Act 100-0862

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