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Licensure Testing
 Test Retakes? (What if I fail?)

Experience Required for LCPC

 Number of hours?
 How long do you have to earn the hours?

Licensure Application

Criminal convictions
Previous simple DUI or DWI will not reject your application.
Most misdemeanors and some felonies will not reject your application.
Forcible felonies
Required clinical supervision to become a LCPC
Licensure require the applicant to:  (more details)

"the supervisor shall have met with the applicant at least one hour each week.  The supervision means the review of counseling and case management." They could meet every other week for 2 hours each time. 

The supervisor they meet with can be at their place of employment or contracted outside their place of employment.

The supervision must be live face to face. No electronic devices.

The supervisor must be a LCPC, LCSW, Lic Psychologist or Psychiatrist. (LMFT is not allowed)

Supervision can be individual or a group of no more than 5.


Insurance / Managed Care

Medicaid Billing
Medicaid is a program with shared funding by the state and federal governments.  Each state can choose to fund this differently. Illinois has limited funds.

LCPCs are not individually eligible to bill medicaid directly for client services. Many medicaid eligible people are in managed care systems that are managed by ILBCBS, Aetna, etc.  LCPCs are eligible providers in this situation. They are contracted with the managed care company and not directly billing medicaid. Community mental health agencies receive funds from the state of Illinois to provide mental health services to medicaid eligible clients. LCPCs are allowed to bill as part of these community agencies.

IMHCA has attempted on three occasions to pass legislation to allow LCPCs to directly bill medicaid for elgible clients. Current (2019) House Bill HB3091.


Medicare is a federally funded program. LCPCs can not bill for medicare eligible clients. For 20 years we along with ACA, AMHCA, NBCC, AMFT and others have supported legislation to change this. Current legislation.

Rules governing insurance companies recouping payments are in: (215 ILCS 5/368d)    Sec. 368d. Recoupments. It limits the period to 18 months.

Licensure Testing

 Test Retakes?
NBCC policy is in the Applicant Handbook for the NCMHCE.
  pg 14 -3 attempts in 2 years
IDFPR-After 3 years new application required.(225 ILCS 107/40) Section 40. (c)

Experience Required for LCPC

 Number of Hours?
3,320 hours of work of which 1,920 hours in face to face counseling. Section 1375.130 (d)
 The hours must be earned in no less than 2 years. There is no maximum number of years to earn experience in. Section 1375.130 (b)

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